"Once I got the bags opened and could see them individually, as well as the root systems, I was even more impressed. The trees are of a much better quality than many I've gotten thru "major" outlets."
-Dwight C.






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***Please read the descriptions 

As I close out this year's crop, some trees are quite small and 2 for 1.***

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Bald Cypress

(Taxodium distichum) Medium to fast growing to 80'-100'+ with a 25' spread. Will tolerate wet areas, but very adaptable. Beautiful, long lived tree that makes a great shade tree. (Zone 4-9)

Black Cherry

(Prunus serotina) Fast growing to 50'-60'+ with a 25' spread. Prefers full sun. Small cherries attract birds, squirrels, rabbits, turkey and deer. (Zone 3-9) Have 9 very small trees left - 3 for 1,

Black Tupelo

Black Tupelo (Nyssa Sylvatica) 30'-60' with 25" spread. Bottom land tree with beautiful fall foliage, excellent fruit for birds & mammals and nectar for bees. (Zone 3-9) Only 2 (+1) left.

Chickasaw Plum

Chickasaw plum - (Prunus angustifolia) 25' with a 15' spread. Full to part sun. Fruits for wildlife and jams and jellies.( Zone 4-9) ***Have 10 (20) VERY crooked trees left. 2 for 1, order 5 get 10. ***


(Malus angustifolia) 25' with a 10'-15' spread. Small apples provide excellent food for wildlife. Prefers moist, well drained soils and full sun.(Zone 4-8)


(Cornus florida) 20'-30' with a 20' spread. Prefers shade, needs good drainage. Beautiful white flowers in early spring. (Zone 5-9)


(Sambucus canadensis) 8'-12' with a 8'-12' spread. Large shrub with showy white flowers and edible fruit for wildlife and jelly, wine, etc. (Zone 3-9)

Gobbler Sawtooth Oak

(Quercus acutissima gobbler) Fast growing to 40'-45' with a 25' spread. Easy to grow. Produces small acorns at a young age favored by turkeys and deer. (Zone 5-9) ***Only 25 left.***


Mockernut Hickory (Carya tomentosa) 60'-80' with 30'+ spread. Beautiful, large forest tree with high quality wood and nuts for wildlife. (Zone 4-9)


(Crataegus aestivalis) 20'-30' with a 20' spread. Mayhaw is naturally found in low, wet, slightly acid areas, but will produce best on upland sites in full sun. (Zone 6-9) Make your own Mayhaw jelly! 10-12" planted height with very nice roots.

Nuttall Oak

(Quercus nuttallii) Fast growing to 80'-100' with a 40' spread. Will tolerate poor soils. Produces large quantities of acorns for wildlife. (Zone 5-9)

Paw Paw

(Asimina triloba) 20'-30' with a 20' spread. Largest edible fruit native to US. (Zone 5-8) The Paw paw usually run a bit smaller: 10"-12".


(Carya illinoinesis) 100' with a 40' spread. Nuts are a great wildlife food. (Zone 5-9) These trees are grown from seed so they are not a particular named grafted variety.


(Diospyros virginiana) 40'-60' with a 20'-30' spread. Needs sun. Great fruit for wildlife. (Zone 4-9) **** Have a few nice small trees left (12" planted height): 2 for 1; order 10 get 20. Only 25 (50) left.

Red Oak

(Quercus rubra) Fast growing to 60'-80' with a 40' spread. Great shade tree with beautiful red Fall foliage. (Zone 3-8)


Redbud - (Cercis canadenis) 20'-30' with a 20' spread. Under story tree with beautiful purplish pink blooms in early Spring. Full sun to part shade. (Zone 4-9)

Sawtooth Oak

(Quercus acutissima) Fast growing to 40'-45' with a 25' spread. Easy to grow. Produces large acorns at a young age making it one of the best wildlife trees. (Zone 5'-9')

Swamp Chestnut Oak

(Quercus michauxii) 70'-80' with a 40' spread. Prefers wet areas, but very adaptable. Big, beautiful tree with sweet acorns for wildlife. (Zone 4-9)

White Oak

(Quercus alba) 80'-100' with a 50'-80' spread. Very adaptable. Magnificent shade tree with acorns for wildlife. (Zone 3-9) ***Remaining trees are small, 2 for 1. Order 5, receive 10. Only 20 (40) left.

Wild Pear

(Pyrus communis) 30'-40' with a 20' spread. Needs sun. Pears are an excellent food source for all wildlife. (Zone 4-9)
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